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Please email us at and let us know if you have a question, comment, etc. We will then contact you with the information you need.

Dismantling Information

The following information will assist you in planning for dismantling your display. In addition to this information, Exhibits Management and Freeman Decorating Company will distribute a “dismantle notice” during the Show. This will reconfirm information that has been made available to you and will provide more specific information as it relates to this year’s event.

The close of the Show on the last day (commonly called “the break” of the Show) is a very busy and hectic time. Don’t leave anything to chance! Plan your work and work your plan.

When does the Show Close and what is the Dismantle Schedule?

Closing Hour:
The show will officially close at 4:00pm on Thursday, November 17, 2005. Dismantling of exhibits should NOT begin prior to this time. Respect your fellow exhibitor as they may still be conducting business.


Booth Dismantle Schedule:
All packing of booths should be completed by Noon, Friday, November 18. Bills of lading must be turned in to the Service Desk by this time.

Dismantle Schedule:

Thursday, November 17 4:00pm – Midnight
Friday, November 18     8:00am – Noon

What Happens Next?

Removal of Aisle Carpet:
Removal of aisle carpet will begin at 4:00pm on Thursday. Your cooperation is requested so the removal can be accomplished as quickly as possible. Empty crates and cartons cannot be returned until the carpet is removed. Please keep all aisles clear to facilitate this process.

Keep Clear “No Freight/Fire Aisles”:
By order of the Fire Department, aisles designated “No Freight/Fire Aisles” must be maintained clear of crates and exhibit materials during move-in and move-out. These aisles are required for emergency access throughout the hall and to expedite freight and empty crate moving. Floor Managers will assist in enforcing the compliance of these rules.

Your cooperation is needed to assist in the movement of all freight empties, but our most important concern is for the safety of all exhibitors and workers on the show floor.

Return of Empty Crates:
The return of empty crates will start at approximately 5:00pm on Thursday and will take several hours to complete.

Please remember that the empty crates and cartons were removed over a two-day period. Do not hold your empties until the last day of set-up. Do not attempt to tip empty crate personnel to return your empty crates, as it will NOT expedite the process.

Immediately at 4:00pm you should begin to pack and secure all valuable items for your own protection. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOOTH UNATTENDED. THIS IS A CRITICAL TIME DURING THE BREAK AND YOU MUST USE CARE TO SAFEGUARD YOUR DISPLAY AND PRODUCTS.

Show Management, the building operator, the general contractor and the security company provide a measure of protection, such as providing perimeter security. But only you and your staff are responsible for your valuables. Some exhibitors hire designated booth guards to assist in this process. See “Product Security Guidelines”.

  • Don’t identify the product or manufacturer on the outside of cartons, crates, boxes, etc. Mark these numerically to indicate the total being shipped (1 of 6, 2 of 6,… etc.) Note: It is recommended that you shrink wrap sensitive materials with black shrink wrap to disguise contents.
  • Include your company’s name and booth number on your cartons, crates, etc. Furnish your freight forwarder with an accurate and complete bill of lading (Material Handling Agreement).
  • Remove all old labels from inbound shipping and apply new labels for outbound shipping.
  • Store excess supplies and merchandise with the material handling contractor or in a facility outside the hall. Never store your excess merchandise or supplies under tables or displays. That’s the first place someone will look.
  • During “the break”, stay within your exhibit until your booth is empty.
  • Obtain proper insurance coverage for your goods, including transit to and from the Show site. Low cost Exhibitor Insurance is available. Check with your insurance carriers.
General Lighting and Utility Services will be turned off shortly after 4:00pm on Thursday, November 17, and work lights will be turned on. For electrical or telephone beyond 4:00pm, be sure to make arrangements in advance.

When Can Labor Start Working?


All dismantle orders for labor are part of the installation order forms found in the Freeman “Labor” section of this manual, and should be ordered in advance and then confirmed during installation or Show days at the Freeman Service Desk by Wednesday, November 16 prior to Noon.

Labor can begin dismantling in your booth at 4:00pm (except forklifts) on Thursday, November 17. Workers should not be on the floor prior to that time.

Note: Forklifts for booth work (rigging) will not be allowed onto the exhibit floor prior to 5:00pm on Thursday, November 17. Plan your dismantle work schedule accordingly.

All dismantling must take place within your booth area, and product, display, crates, boxes, etc. must not be put in the aisles.

All “No Freight/Fire Aisles” must remain totally clear to assist in the return of empties and to comply with Fire/Safety rules.

What about my Electrical and Telephone Service?

Electrical Service and Utilities
will be turned off shortly after 4:00pm, November 17. Exhibitors requiring electrical or utility service past 4:00pm on Thursday must make advance arrangements prior to Wednesday at the Electrical/Utility Counters in the Service Desk Area.