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Industry Exhibitors Information

SC|05 will feature premier exhibits from the leading companies in high-performance computing, communications, networking, data storage and management, and scientific visualization. The SC|05 theme, Gateway to Discovery, ties the program components together and demonstrates how high performance computing, networking and storage touches all scientific disciplines, promotes interdisciplinary projects, affects the educational process through the use of computers in modeling and simulation in the classroom, and solves heretofore unsolvable problems in biotechnology, weather research, astronomy, drug research, wearable sensors and many other applications.

Booth Equipment and Services - Industry Exhibitors
Industry Exhibitors are charged $34.00 per sq. ft. of exhibit space. The following booth equipment, services and facilities are included in the booth rental fee:
  • Draperies suspended on aluminum uprights and stanchions for all inline booths. The drapery background is 8’ high; the side rails are 36” high.
  • Standard booth sign measuring 7” x 44”, black letters on white card showing company name and booth number.
  • Installation Stickers
  • 5 complimentary Exhibitor Staff badges per 100 sq. ft. (Additional badges are $100 for each badge)
  • One complimentary Technical Program Registration.
  • 50 guest passes per 100 sq. ft. of exhibit space. These passes are for customers, and are not to be used for employees of your company.
  • Opportunity to order Exhibits Only Badges for clients at $80 per badge
  • Network connections for research and industry exhibitors are charged at a flat rate of $1,500. Please review the SCinet 2005 Network Service Offerings for complete details.
  • General lighting and decorations
  • Aisle carpet
  • Crate removal, storage and return
  • Exhibitor Service Center
All other items can be ordered through the order forms found in this Exhibitor Manual. If you have any questions regarding your participation in SC|05, please contact SC|05 Exhibits Management at 630/434-7779, e-mail: