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Research Exhibitors Information

Research exhibits showcase the latest and the most innovative advances in high performance computing, networking, and storage from institutions around the world. Exhibitors are drawn from universities, national laboratories and nonprofit research centers in Australia, Europe, the Far East, South America and North America. Research exhibits provide an international venue for scientists and engineers to display the latest computational science advances, research and development plans, new concepts, software and other technologies. Feature your innovative research at SC|05 and increase the visibility of the ways in which high performance computing and computational science revolutionize our knowledge of the world around us.


Booth Equipment and Services - Research Exhibitors
10 x 20: $600
20 x 20: $1,200
20 x 30: $2,400
20 x 40: $4,000
20 x 50: $8,000
30 x 30: $5,400
30 x 40: $12,000
30 x 50: $18,000
40 x 40: $20,800
30 x 60: $28,800
40 x 50: $36,000
50 x 50: $58,000

The following booth equipment, services and facilities are included in the booth rental fee:
  • Draperies suspended on aluminum uprights and stanchions for all inline booths. The drapery background is 8’ high; the side rails are 36” high.
  • Standard booth sign measuring 7” x 44”, black letters on white card showing company name and booth number.
  • Green carpeting. Note: SC will carpet the entire research area with the same color carpet as the aisles. It is not necessary to order carpet, unless you choose something different (at your expense.)
  • One draped table (drape on three sides), desk or counter height for each 10’ x 10 booth, with a maximum of 2 10’ x 10’s. (Note: you must place this order with Freeman in advance, and indicate that you are a Research Exhibitor.)
  • Two side chairs or two gray padded stools for each 10’ x 10’ booth, with a maximum of 2 10’ x 10’s. (Note: you must place this order with Freeman in advance, and indicate that you are a Research Exhibitor.)
  • Electricity: If your research booth is one 10’ x 10’, you will get one minimum (typically 5 amps – 500 watt single outlet) power electrical outlet credit (advance price) free. If you have a 10’ x 20’ booth, you will get two power outlet credits (advance price) free if order is placed by October 15. All additional power may be ordered at your expense. If you do not use the power that is available to your for free, you will not receive rebate credits. You must order electricity in Advance and note that you are a Research Exhibitor to get delivery and receive the credits.
  • Installation Stickers
  • Note: all Research Exhibitor Staff badges are $100.00 each.
  • Opportunity to order Exhibits Only Badges for children and clients at $80 per badge
  • Network connections for research and industry exhibitors are charged at a flat rate of $1,500. Please review the SCinet 2005 Network Service Offerings for complete details.
  • General lighting and decorations
  • Aisle carpet
  • Crate removal, storage and return
  • Exhibitor Service Center
All other items can be ordered through the order forms found in this Exhibitor Manual. If you have any questions regarding your participation in SC|05, please contact SC|05 Exhibits Management at 630/434-7779, e-mail: